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Urgent Action: Health Crisis and LGBT+ Leaders in Latin America

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Gay leaders from 21 countries gathered in Mexico City. During the Regional Conference on Sexual Health, Human Rights and Care for Gay and Bisexual Men, and in the context of the new outbreak of monkeypox, we declare the following:

There is a resurgence of monkeypox outside the endemic areas in Africa. It began affecting and continues to affect predominantly gay and bisexual men. It has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. It disproportionately affects the population that we represent. We therefore make the following call to all the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean:

Monkeypox Declaration

  1. Follow the example of the WHO and declare monkeypox as an emergency in our countries.
  2. Transparently report epidemiological information on monkeypox cases. To be done in a timely manner to international health agencies. And assume the urgent responsibility to respond to and contain the outbreak.
  3. Recognize the available scientific evidence. According to it, intimate contact, particularly sexual contact, is the main route of transmission. Although it is also recognized that it can be transmitted in other ways.
  4. Approach and provide scientific and evidence-based information, primarily to the most affected populations.
  5. That the design and implementation of national and international response programs to the monkeypox emergency be agreed with gay and bisexual leaders and organizations;
  6. Increase and ensure access to early diagnostic testing in gay and bisexual men, with prompt confirmatory results.
  7. Train and sensitize health personnel about monkeypox to the approach and provide care, without prejudice or discrimination, towards gay and bisexual men.
  8. Immediately make budget forecasts to urgently buy and acquire the necessary vaccines -already approved by European and North American agencies- and establish a comprehensive prevention and vaccination strategy.
  9. Guarantee the necessary comprehensive support so that the people affected by monkeypox can comply with the recommended isolation, guaranteeing the validity of the framework of confidentiality and Human Rights.
  10. Recognize as the most affected and priority population, that of gay and bisexual men in all their circumstances, for access to vaccination against monkeypox, according to epidemiological data;
  11. Implement actions against sigma, discrimination, mistreatment and violence to which gay and bisexual men are exposed.

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